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Saving Money is Smart.

Page Plus plans are smart because they give you the most reliable nationwide coverage at the lowest cost, and the freedom of no contract and no commitment!

“The main benefit of going with a prepaid service is that it's cheaper than the conventional postpaid service plans over the life of a traditional two-year cellular contract.” (Maggie Reardon, CNET Senior Reporter covering cell phone services, broadband, and Wi-Fi industries; August 10, 2012)

In fact, using Page Plus instead of other leading carriers can easily save you hundreds of dollars per year. Now that’s smart!

Getting More is Smart.

Page Plus customers get more for their money, and that’s very smart. Like one of the largest and most reliable networks in the country. Or a variety of plans that consistently offer more value than other providers. Or the flexibility to customize any plan by adding extra minutes, texts, or data.

But one thing Page Plus customers don’t get more of is surprises. With our prepaid service, you’ll never get a bill that includes lots of extra fees and unexpected charges.

Taking Control is Smart.

Because you only pay for what you need, Page Plus puts you in total control of your budget. Buy just the right amount for yourself and for each member of your family. That’s a lot smarter than being locked in a long-term contract that either forces you into expensive overage charges, or makes you buy more than you want. At Page Plus, if you use all of your minutes or your balance reaches zero, you simply add more to your account.

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  • Simple to Start
  • Simple to Use
  • Simple to Manage

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  • Convenient Plans
  • Convenient Refills
  • Convenient Support

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  • Saving Money is Smart
  • Getting More is Smart
  • Taking Control is Smart

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