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Standard Plan

Please note: The Standard plans is a 3G-only plan. You cannot activate a 4G device on this plan. 

Using prepaid cell phone minutes from Page Plus is a great way to save money compared to traditional phone plans. With our prepaid cell phone plans you only pay for what you use, so there’s no surprise bill at the end of the month. You also keep your minutes at the end of a billing period; the minutes roll over as long as you replenish your account every 120 days. What about prepaid long distance calling? With Page Plus there are no long distance charges and a variety of prepaid cell phone plans to suit your needs.

Click on any of the links below to purchase Standard prepaid cell phone minutes in the following increments:

Pay-As-You-Go Plans purchase, chat, refill only as needed.

Minutes Included Cost Per Minute Minutes Last For Purchase


100 Minutes

$0.10 120 days Add to Cart More Info


416 Minutes

$0.06 120 days Add to Cart More Info


1,000 Minutes

$0.05 120 days Add to Cart More Info
$10, $25 and $50 denominations of the Standard plan last 120 days.

2,000 Minutes for $80*

*While the $10, $25 and $50 denominations of the Standard plan last 120 days, the $80 denomination lasts for a full year. The $80 card/PIN is only available from authorized Page Plus dealers and/or their online store.

Standard airtime includes domestic voice calling within the Page Plus network. The following chart lists additional services and their associated rates.

Service Amount Rate
Calls to Domestic Numbers $0.04 - $0.10 Per Minute
Calls While Roaming $0.29 Per Minute
Text Messages (SMS) $0.05 Per Message Sent or Received
International Text Messaging $0.20 Per Message
Picture Messaging (MMS) $0.05 + Data Transport* Per Message Sent or Received
Data Transport* $0.10/MB  
Directory Assistance (411) $1.25 + airtime per call + per minute

Account Life Cycle

The replenishment cycle for standard prepaid cell phone minutes is 120 days. In order to keep your Page Plus service active, you must add airtime prior to your end-of-service date, which is 120 days from your last replenishment. Failure to do so will trigger a 60-day grace period, after which your phone number will be deactivated.

Usage Fees

Use typically begins when you place or answer a call, and continues until you end the call or it is otherwise terminated. The rate billed is in accordance with the airtime denomination purchased. There is also a monthly service fee of $0.50 that is deducted from your account on the 25th of every month. Any additional service features used will be billed according to the Services chart above.

Account Balance

When you use a service, your account will be charged at the rate listed above. Use typically begins when you answer a call, and continues until you end the call or it is otherwise terminated.

Replenishing an Account

Each Page Plus Cellular prepaid card comes with a number of prepaid cell phone minutes and a service period that begins the day you add the balance to your Page Plus Cellular account. For each Page Plus Cellular airtime card you purchase and add to your account, you will receive the following:



Rate per minute

$10 100 $0.10
$25 400 $0.06
$50 1,000 $0.05
$80 2,000 $0.04


Want to purchase prepaid cell phone minutes for the Standard plan? We offer 100 minutes for $10, 400 minutes for $25, and 1,000 minutes for $50.

Page Plus Cellular

is a no-contract wireless provider with nationwide coverage on one of the largest networks in the United States. Page Plus is consistently ranked high among wireless providers for low rates, flexible plans and exceptional customer service.