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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Page Plus provides fast, efficient 4G LTE service for your compatible LTE device. You can use your current 4G LTE device on Page Plus simply by purchasing a Page Plus SIM card, choosing the 4G LTE monthly plan that fits your needs, and activating your device on Page Plus. The FAQs on this page provide some general information regarding 4G LTE service on Page Plus.


Q. Which Page Plus monthly plans provide 4G LTE service?

A. Currently, you can get 4G LTE data speeds with a compatible 4G device on our top 4 monthly plans:  Talk n Text 1200, Unlimited Talk n Text, The 55 and the $69.95 plan. Our budget plan, The 12, provides 3G service only.


Q. How do I upgrade from 3G to 4G?

A. This cannot be done with a 3G phone. To use our 4G services  you will need to get a compatible 4G LTE device, as well as a Page Plus 4G SIM card. The account will also need to be on a qualifying monthly plan of $29.95/month or higher. If you have a 4G device that has been “flashed,” or reprogrammed, to work on 3G, then you will need to check with whomever flashed the device to see if they can “unflash” it back to 4G. Devices made for any other network cannot be used with Page Plus 4G LTE services.


Q. How do I know which phones will work with Page Plus 4G LTE service?

A. The first step of the Activation process requires you to enter the ESN, MEID or IMEI of your device. When you do that, you will get a response back telling you if your device is eligible for activation. If it is, you will then be able to choose a 3G plan for a 3G device, or a 4G plan for a 4G device.


Q. If I don’t already have a 4G LTE phone to use, where can I get one?

A. You can shop 4G LTE devices on our partner website, Quality One Wireless. Also, any authorized Page Plus dealers provide new and pre-owned 4G devices for sale in their stores and on their websites. To find a dealer near you, use our Store Locator. Also, you can check with friends or family members – many perfectly good phones end up in a drawer when someone upgrades to a new phone.


Q. Do I need a Page Plus 4G LTE SIM card to get 4G service?

A. Yes. The SIM card required to get 4G LTE service on Page Plus is unique to our service. You can purchase a Page Plus SIM card here on our website or from authorized Page Plus dealers.


Q. How do I find out what size SIM card I need for my device?

A. Page Plus 4G LTE SIM cards are available in three different sizes - standard, micro and nano. You will need to purchase the correct size for your device. If the 4G LTE SIM card slot in your device accepts a nano size, you will need the Page Plus Nano SIM card. If your device uses a standard or micro size, you will need the standard/micro Page Plus Dual SIM card. Use caution with the dual SIM card when detaching to the correct size (standard or micro) for your phone.

The SIM card slot on some devices is located on the side of the phone. On other devices, it is located under the battery and will require you to remove the battery in order to access the SIM slot. 

Sim Sizes 


Q. I want to use a 3G device. Can I still use Page Plus?

A. Yes. With the exception of The 12 plan and Standard plans, which are 3G only, all of our monthly plans are “mirrored” for 3G and 4G. When you activate a device, our system will determine if your device is 3G or 4G, and activate it onto the appropriate service.

Page Plus Cellular

is a no-contract wireless provider with nationwide coverage on one of the largest networks in the United States. Page Plus is consistently ranked high among wireless providers for low rates, flexible plans and exceptional customer service.